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Media Today 2019

Media Today 2019

As per the rapid growth in the field of Media and JournalismConference Series LLC Ltd is privileged to announce its 1st International conference entitled “European Conclave on Media, Journalism and Mass Communication” which is scheduled on October 7-8, 2019 in Paris, France.

Media Today 2019 provides the best platform to speakers and delegates to express their views, share their ideas and grow their networks. We cordially welcome all the eminent researchers, students and delegates to take part in this upcoming Media Today 2019 congress to witness all major discussions and contribute to the future developments in the field of Journalism.

Media Today 2019 conference will focus on the latest and exciting innovations in all the areas of Media, Journalism & mass Communication.

This conference welcomes individuals everywhere throughout the world perpetual of age to talk about Media and Journalism. The conference will mainly focus on the theme, “The Right Information Leads to the Right Utilization of Media”, which will touch off youthful personalities in looking through a novel approach towards the wonders of maintainable future.


Targeted Audience

Experts related to the broad areas of Media, Journalism and Mass Communication are most likely to attend Media Today 2019 conference and utilize the scope of extending their skills, work on basic and significant applications and people doing their masters and research work in various related streams are also likely to attend this conference.

The conference will be useful to participants from both the Industry and Academia working in all the domains of Media and Journalism and professional’s from interrelated fields.

  • Chief Marketing and Technology officers
  • Journalists
  • Media Experts
  • Researchers & Innovators
  • Content Writers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Broadcasters
  • Funding Agencies & Fund Raisers
  • Marketing & Communications Directors
  • IT Directors and senior IT and IT security professionals
  • Information Systems Directors/Managers
  • Decision Makers
  • Web Directors, Webmasters and Web Team Members
  • Public Relations Directors
  • Associations, Societies, & Professional Bodies
  • Business Development Executives
  • General assignment reporter
  • Photo Journalists
  • Beat reporters
  • Specialty reporters.
  • Strategic Planners
  • All the Stake Holders (both Academia & Industry) of the Sector


Why to gather?

Media Today 2019 will gather experts from both the industry & academia to interact and exchange ideas about the state of the technologies related to Media, Journalism and Mass Communication and Internet-related things etc. With experts across the globe, this is your best chance to reach the largest association of participants from the Media and Journalism community. Conduct presentations, distribute information, meet with current and potential experts, and receive name recognition at esteemed event. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, developments, and the newest updates are the highlights of this conference.

  • Well organizing the program with 5+ hours of networking sessions
  • Lively Exhibition area filled with the leading industry solution providers
  • Expanding members’ leadership opportunities within the association and in the field.
  • World-class platform to Exhibit your products, services, innovations & Ideas
  • Special Workshop/ Symposium, B2B, and interactive sessions, with industry Sponsors and Exhibitors.
  • One to one interaction with eminent scientists, Industry Leaders, Researchers
  • Interactive panel discussions and Q&A sessions



1. Social Media: Social Media are intelligent PC intervened advancements that encourage the creation and sharing of data, thoughts, vocation interests and different types of articulation through virtual networks and systems. The assortment of remain solitary and implicit internet based life benefits right now accessible presents difficulties of definition. Clients regularly get to social media administrations by means of electronic innovations on work areas and PCs, or download administrations that offer internet based life usefulness to their cell phones. As clients draw in with these electronic administrations, they make profoundly intuitive stages through which people, networks, and associations can share, co-make, talk about, and alter client produced content or pre-made substance posted on the web.

Systems framed through social media change the path gatherings of individuals connect and convey. Social media vary from paper-based media and conventional electronic media, for example, TV broadcasting from various perspectives, including quality, achieves, recurrence, intuitiveness, ease of use, quickness, and execution. Social media life outlets work in a dialogic transmission framework.


2. Journalism: Journalism alludes to the generation and circulation of reports on late occasions. The word journalism applies to the occupation, just as native writers utilizing strategies for social affair data and utilizing abstract methods. Journalistic media incorporate print, TV, radio, Internet, and, previously, newsreels.

Ideas of the suitable role for journalism shift between nations. In certain countries, the news media are constrained by government mediation and are not completely independent. In others, the news media are free of the legislature yet rather work as private industry propelled by benefit. Notwithstanding the changing idea of how media associations are run and financed, nations may have varying executions of laws taking care of the right to speak freely and criticism cases.

The coming of the Internet and cell phones has conveyed critical changes to the media scene as of late. This has made a move in the utilization of print media stations, as individuals progressively devour news through tablets, cell phones, and other individual electronic gadgets, instead of the more customary arrangements of papers, magazines, or TV news channels.


3. Mass Media: Mass media are apparatuses for the exchange of data, ideas, and thoughts to both general and explicit groups of onlookers. They are critical instruments in propelling general wellbeing objectives. Conveying about wellbeing through mass communications is unpredictable, in any case, and difficulties experts in assorted orders. Utilizing mass media can be counterproductive if the channels utilized are not gathering of people fitting, or if the message being conveyed is excessively enthusiastic, dread exciting, or disputable. Bothersome reactions more often than not can be kept away from through appropriate developmental research, information of the gathering of people, involvement in connecting media channels to groups of onlookers, and message testing. Each mass medium has its own substance types, innovative specialists, professionals, and plans of action. For instance, the Internet incorporates web journals, digital recordings, sites, and different advances worked on the general conveyance arrange.  Some contend that computer games have formed into an unmistakable mass type of media.


4. Journalism and Mass Communication: Mass communication is the investigation of spreading data to a substantial gathering of people through the different methods for communication. Journalism is the action of expounding on on-going advancements for papers, magazines and so forth. It has encompassed detailing done through radio and TV.

Along these lines, there is a contrast between the two projects. Mass Communication is a more extensive field while Journalism is a restricted field. Mass Communication manages the technique of passing on or transmitting a message to the all-inclusive community through media like radio, papers, magazines, TV, web, etc.


5. Digital Journalism: Digital Journalism is a contemporary type of journalism where article content is disseminated by means of the Internet, instead of distributing by means of print or communicates. Digital journalism is debated by researchers; in any case, the essential result of journalism, which is news and highlights on flow issues, is displayed exclusively or in blend as content, sound, video, or some intuitive structures like news games, and spread through computerized media technology.

Less boundaries to passage, brought down dissemination costs, and assorted PC organizing advances have prompted the across the board routine with regards to computerized journalism. It has democratized the progression of data that was recently constrained by customary media including papers, magazines, radio, and television.

The digital viewpoint might be fundamental to the journalistic message and stays, to some degree, inside the innovative control of the essayist, manager, as well as publisher. The desires for society for moment data was critical for the development of digital journalism.

6. Sports Journalism: Sports journalism is a type of composing that provides details regarding brandishing themes and rivalries. Sports journalism is the fundamental component of numerous news media associations. Sports journalists consistently face more due date weight than different journalists in light of the fact that games will in general happen late in the day and closer to the due dates numerous associations must watch. However they are relied upon to utilize indistinguishable devices from news journalists, and to maintain a similar expert and moral guidelines. They should take care not to demonstrate predisposition for any group. Sports journalists work in all media, including print, TV broadcasting and the web.


7. Women Politics: Women in politics in the cutting edge time are underrepresented in many nations around the world. Ladies have insufficient open doors in social interest, particularly in taking a stab at political rights and power in the administration and diverse institutions. This verifiable inclination still perseveres, in spite of the fact that ladies are progressively being politically chosen to be heads of state and government. All through the world ladies face deterrents to their investment in governmental issues. These boundaries are to be found in winning social and financial routines, just as in existing political structures. Women, as the traditional essential overseers of youngsters, frequently have a more unmistakable job than men in upholding for kids, bringing about a twofold profit as far as the advantages of women representation. Women delegates advance women rights, yet additionally advance the privileges of kids.


8. Digital Media: Digital media can be made, seen, circulated, changed and saved on advanced hardware gadgets. Digital media frequently appears differently in relation to print media. This type of media has a noteworthy expansive and complex effect on society and culture. Joined with the Internet and individualized computing, digital media has caused problematic development in distributing, news coverage, advertising, etc. Digital Media is a mix of innovation and substance, and building advanced media items requires groups of experts with different aptitudes, including specialized abilities, aesthetic aptitudes, scientific and creation coordination abilities. These abilities should be adjusted in a group, with all colleagues concentrated on making the best client experience.  Digital media has likewise presented new difficulties to copyright and licensed innovation laws, encouraging an open substance development in which content makers deliberately surrender a few or the majority of their legitimate rights to their work.


9. Fake News: Fake news is a kind of sensationalist reporting or purposeful publicity that comprises of intentional disinformation or deceptions spread by means of customary print and communicate news media or online social media. The incorrect information is frequently brought about by correspondents paying hotspots for stories, an exploitative practice. Digital news has brought back and expanded the use of fake journalism. The news is then frequently resonated as falsehood in online life however at times discovers its way to the predominant press also. The significance of fake news has expanded in post-truth legislative issues. For news sources, the capacity to pull in watchers to their sites is important to create web based publicizing income. Simple access to online commercial income, expanded political polarization, and the prominence of web-based social networking, basically the Facebook News Feed, have all been embroiled in the spread of phony news, which contends with genuine news stories. Fake news is composed and distributed for the most part with the goal to deceive so as to harm an office, substance, or individual, as well as addition monetarily or politically, frequently utilizing dramatist, unscrupulous, or by and large created features to build readership. Likewise, misleading content stories and features win promoting income from this action.


10. Positive and negative effect of children on social media: Social media encourages you interface up with individuals everywhere throughout the world. The positive impact of online networking on kids incorporates, adapting new things, interface with more distant family and companions. It gives powerful stage to upgrading tyke's information. Web based life rouse youngsters to show signs of improvement at correspondence and supports opportunity of self-articulation. Online networking encourages the advancement of specialized ability and handy comprehension of innovation in the tyke. The impermeability of social media guarantees that there is no control on the extent of data. Such circumstances can prompt kids chancing upon disgusting, unsafe or realistic sites that may influence their reasoning procedure.

Digital harassing is another developing pattern among internet based life sites. Cyber bully can have perilous and conceivably lethal impacts. It claims numerous exploited people every year.

Numerous children are affected by the ground-breaking promoting they see via social media sites, and it unequivocally impacts their purchasing propensities. These youngsters and their folks should know about how they are focused on so more brilliant decisions can be made around their ways of managing money. Investing an excess of energy can likewise influence your youngster contrarily and regularly lead to web based life dependence. Enslavement can show itself as different indications and may even influence your youngster's physical health. An excess of social media can influence the kid's capacity to create solid relational connections. The children are flexible, and the torrential slide of data can overpower them. Even though there are positive effects of social media on children but on the other side the social media sites have negatively affected the minds of children.


11. Photojournalism: Photojournalism is a specific type of journalism that utilizes pictures so as to recount to a news story. It is presently typically comprehended to allude just to even now pictures, yet at times the term likewise alludes to video utilized in communicate news coverage. Photojournalism is recognized from other close parts of photography by consenting to an unbending moral system which requests that the work be both fair and fair-minded while recounting to the story in carefully journalistic terms. Photojournalists make pictures that add to the news media, and help networks associate with one other. Photojournalists must be very much educated and proficient about occasions happening directly outside their entryway. They convey news in an innovative arrangement that isn't just educational, yet additionally engaging. Photojournalism began to come to fruition when picture takers could without much of stretch transport cameras into combat areas.


12. Media Ethics: Media ethics is the subdivision of connected morals managing the particular moral standards and benchmarks of media, including communicate media, film, and theatre, expressions of the human experience, print media and the web. The field covers many differed and very questionable points, running from war reporting to Benetton advertisement battles. Worldwide media ethics goes for building up a far reaching set of standards and models for the act of reporting during a time of worldwide news media. New types of communication are reshaping the act of a once parochial art serving a nearby, provincial or national open. A similar innovation enables news media to spread this data to gatherings of people dissipated the world over. Media ethics includes advancing and safeguarding qualities, for example, a general regard forever and the standard of law and legality. Writing with respect to the manners by which explicitly the Internet impacts media morals in news coverage online is rare, subsequently confounding the thought for an all-inclusive code of media ethics.


13. Scholastic Journalism: Student journalists request brilliance in training from their news coverage counsellors and projects. They request educating in media law and morals, mindful announcing, and successful journalistic practices. They gain best from counsels who have been prepared in expert gauges. Journalists teach people in general about occasions and issues and how they influence their lives. They invest quite a bit of their energy talking with master sources, looking open records and different hotspots for data, and in some cases visiting the scene where a wrongdoing or other newsworthy event occurred.


14. Gender Equality: Gender equality is the condition of equivalent straightforward entry to assets and openings paying little respect to gender. Gender equity is accomplished when ladies and men appreciate similar rights and openings over all divisions of society, including monetary interest and basic leadership, and when the diverse practices, yearnings and requirements of ladies and men are similarly esteemed and supported. The world is gaining ground on propelling gender orientation uniformity. In any case, there is still no place on earth where ladies are equivalent to men. Ladies and young ladies overall face boundaries to accomplishing their potential just due to their gender. These boundaries show from numerous points of view and appear to be unique for some ladies. Gender equality is the objective, while impartiality and sex value are practices and mind sets that assistance in accomplishing the objective. Gender equity is more than equivalent portrayal; it is firmly attached to ladies' rights, and regularly requires strategy changes.


15. Political Communication: Political communication is a sub field of correspondence and political theory that is worried about how data spreads and impacts legislative issues and arrangement producers, the news media and citizens. As of late, AI, normal language preparing, and organize examination have turned out to be key instruments in the sub field. It manages the creation, scattering, parade and impacts of data, both through broad communications and relationally, inside a political setting. This incorporates the investigation of the media, the examination of addresses by government officials and those that are attempting to impact the political procedure and formal and casual discussions among individuals from people in general, among different angles. The media goes about as scaffold among government and open. Political correspondence can be characterized as the association concerning governmental issues and residents and the cooperation modes that interface these gatherings to one another. Political communication is a procedure that incorporates political establishments and performing artists, the news media and, critically, residents. Each demonstration of political correspondence delivered by gatherings, intrigue gatherings, or the media is intended for natives, to educate them, to impact them. It is the association between these three gatherings that issue in political communication. Inside governmental issues, correspondence streams move in numerous ways: descending from administering specialists to natives, on a level plane between political performers, including news media, and upward from residents and gatherings to the political foundations. Political communication is worried about being effectively connected with nearby worldwide issues and how the intensity of data, influence and key message configuration can be utilized to comprehend and influence results at those dimensions, especially in the territory of administration and legislative and societal conduct.


16. Media Management: Media management is a region of business organization that manages sorting out and directing groups of media experts, different mass correspondence channels and innovations, media and excitement creations, and the sky is the limit from there. Media supervisors utilize association aptitudes, promoting procedures, media financial comprehension, and the learning of various programming apparatuses used in media preparations. Media management is viewed as a business organization discipline that distinguishes and depicts key and operational marvels and issues in the administration of media ventures. Media management contains the capacities key administration, acquirement the board, creation the board, authoritative administration and advertising of media endeavours. A uniform meaning of the term media the executives does not yet exist, and the field of media the executives in its present structure is neither unmistakably characterized nor cohesive.

Media Management comprises of the capacity to oversee and spur representatives and the capacity to work offices and assets in a financially savvy manner. The centre errand of media management is to fabricate a scaffold between the general hypothetical orders of the board and the specificity of the media industry. Media and internet management covers all the objective arranged exercises of arranging, association and control inside the structure of the creation and appropriation forms for data or excitement content in media enterprises. Media experts need solid business, vital, and administrative aptitudes to be fruitful in an industry continually experiencing crucial changes.


16. Media and Artificial Intelligence: The improvement of new Artificial Intelligence-based apparatuses has opened the way to new media classifying, use, and adaptation potential outcomes.  AI guarantees to change the media and stimulation business affecting everything from substance creation to the purchaser experience. AI will impact all pieces of the media esteem chain, helping content makers to be progressively innovative, helping content editors to be increasingly profitable, and helping content customers to locate the substance that coordinates their interests and current circumstance. AI controlled psychometric profiling is utilized to extricate information from internet based life profiles, and utilize this data to indicate potential voters a particular subset of focused phony news or political promotions. The thought is to control data to a degree where people can't comprehend what's actual and what's not any longer. The fundamental zones of utilization of AI are indexing and metadata recognition, computerized because of these apparatuses. The measure of time required for substance recording is decreased to nearly continuous on account of AI, which connected to everyday work at an ordinary TV station can make ground-breaking examination devices that can even be utilized for news and live generation. Be that as it may, the advantages of AI are not selective to the age of data straightforwardly from the media. The exactness, speed and measure of data produced with AI apparatuses open the way to numerous different applications in other industry territories.


17. Film Studies: Film studies are a scholarly control that manages different hypothetical, authentic, and basic ways to deal with movies. It is now and then subsumed inside media examines and is frequently contrasted with TV contemplates. Film studies is less worried about propelling capability in film generation than it is with investigating the account, aesthetic, social, monetary, and political ramifications of the cinema. In hunting down these social-ideological qualities, film ponders adopts a progression of basic strategies for the examination of creation, hypothetical system, setting, and creation. In this sense the film studies exists as one in which the instructor does not generally accept the essential teacher job; the highlighted film itself serves that work. Likewise, in considering film, conceivable professions incorporate faultfinder or creation. Film studies regularly incorporate the investigation of contentions between the style of visual Hollywood and the literary examination of screenplay. Generally the investigation of film keeps on developing, as does the business on which it centres. Film Studies urges us to move past such professes to ask how and for what valid reason films make us feel the manner in which that they do, and why we think a few movies are superior to other people.  Since the cutting edge movie turned into a development and industry just in the late nineteenth century, an age of movie makers and executives existed fundamentally before the scholastic investigation that followed in later ages.


19. Women and Media: Women who are involved in media are people who take an interest in media. Media are the aggregate correspondence outlets or devices used to store and convey data or data. The job of women in media develops around media opportunity, media pluralism, media freedom, and media safety. Women in media face indistinguishable challenges and dangers from men, yet in addition experience sexual orientation disparities, safety issues. Safety of journalists is the capacity for writers and media experts to get produce and offer data without confronting physical or moral dangers. Women journalists, face dangers of physical ambush, inappropriate behaviour, assault and considerably murder. Women journalists are helpless against assaults not just from those endeavouring to quietness their inclusion, yet additionally from sources, associates and others. Mass media play a special and vital job in the moulding of a general public where people appreciate equivalent rights. Raising ladies' lawful mindfulness is imperative for the production of a populist society.  The job of media is essential for being effective in all the referenced circles. The media can advance and accelerate the changes in advancement, or, unexpectedly, it can hamper their execution. Notwithstanding common imbalance, common society keeps on being a power for advancement. Different associations are attempting to push for more noteworthy portrayal and key standard-setting bodies, for example, the Gender and Internet Governance trade, started by the Association for Progressive Communications, which means to change the hole in support by ladies' and sexual rights' activists in web administration approach forms.

20. Advertising Journalism: Advertising is a showcasing correspondence that utilizes a transparently supported, non-individual message to advance or sell an item, administration or idea.  Advertising is conveyed through different mass media, including customary media, the real introduction of the message in a medium is alluded to as a commercial, or promotion or advert for short. Business promotions frequently try to create expanded utilization of their items or administrations through marking which relates an item name or picture with specific characteristics in the psyches of customers. Then again, advertisements that mean to inspire a prompt deal are known as immediate reaction promoting. Non-business substances that promote more than customer items or administrations incorporate ideological groups, intrigue gatherings, religious associations and legislative organizations. Non-benefit associations may utilize free methods of influence, for example, an open administration declaration. Advertising may likewise console workers or investors that an organization is practical or effective.










































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Conference Date October 07-08, 2019

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